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FA Series

X-Axis Travels 122″ x 323″
Y-Axis Travels106″ x 130″

FA series, the first 5-axis bridge type CNC milling machining center of Vision Wide, was released in 2014, and it provided excellent 5-axis simultaneous accuracy performance for 5-axis machining in mold cutting, highly precise contour finishing, milling, drilling, and tapping.

Vision Wide manufactured the 5-axis machining center to shorten tool displacement travel and cutting process effectively, and to extend tool lifetime and offer the best choice for composite angle machining. FA series had excellent dynamic performance on XYZ axes and equipped high accuracy 2-axis head to achieve 5-axis simultaneous accuracy performance.

  • Structural rigidity was optimized by double column/bridge type structure design enabling wider machining range.
  • 5 axis dynamic rotation synchronization accuracy (TCPM) 0.04mm
  • Auto measurement compensation for rotation axis accuracy
  • Spindle vibration lower than 1 mm/sec
  • Auto measurement compensation for tool accuracy
  • Not affect by spindle thermal variation and environment temperature change, thermal elongation less than 0.02mm
  • Multi-axis synchronous head machining accuracy to meet the demand of parts processing