RELIABILITY AND PRECISION – These are the keywords you will repeatedly hear from the worldwide users of our horizontal and vertical machine tools, if they are asked to describe the most remarkable characteristics of OKK machines. Since 1915, when we started with centrifugal pumps, it is our philosophy to assure a 100% quality control by producing all key components in house. This means for our machine tools, that we launched in 1934, that all key components are original OKK parts. Among others, this includes all spindles, the mechanical gears, various ball screw systems, the precision square slide guideways as well as special controller features.ur own foundry has more than 60 years experience in producing superb castings for the whole product range of OKK.

OKK CORP USA support team of service engineers and the spare part stock WILL ensure the quickest response time possible. Therefore, we welcome you to experience The OKK difference

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