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Quaser AutomationThe Quaser MF400/MF500 Compact Cell

The Quaser MF400U / C & Quaser MF500 U/C Cell was designed for mixed production and flexibility. It’s equipped with a dual tool magazine which gives the operator a maximum of 120 Tool positions. The Pallet storage tower which is capable of 40 Pallets (MF400) and 28 Pallets (MF500) in a small footprint. One or two Storage towers are available! With two towers, you can run 80 pallets on the MF400 and 56 Pallets on the MF500! Perfect for lights out operations. This cell applies to Heidenhain TNC640, Fanuc 31iB5, and Siemens 840D NC systems for 5 Axes simultaneously. If you are running 4+1 (multi face) operations, this cell applies to the Fanuc 0iMF and the Siemens 828D NC controls.

The Quaser HX Series Cell

The Quaser HX Series Cell is for Quaser’s Horizontal Machining Centers. The cell is designed to process a mix production in variety of different jobs. With high flexibility, it is a solution for small-volume production of a wide range of different items with frequent changeover needs. It’s the ideal setup for unattended machining during night shifts.  The HX Cell is a Horizontal M/C equipped with pallet loaders. It comes with a large capacity for pallet storage and tool magazine. The cell can host either 8 or 14 pallets and additional tool storage up to 150 tools! The host cell controller applies for job management and loader motion, in machine side either Fanuc or Siemens NC system.