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Available with sub-spindle, Y-axis, and live tooling

The TA-25 is a 9.8″ chuck CNC Turning Center with a swing of 29.9″. The TA-25 is a single turret machine with an option of sub-spindle, Y-axis, and live tooling. The gantry loader is capable of loading a part of 11″ diameter and 22 lbs in weight. The rotary stocker comes with 14 pallets with 3 or auto centering rods. Each pallet can take up to 75kg in weight. You can have a stocker on either the left side, right side, or both sides for unattended operations. Eurotech-Elite also can incorporate a quality control chute to check parts unattended during operations. The machine comes standard with tool breakage detection, tool life management, and tool load monitoring.

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