XW-60: Gantry Loaded with Twin Spindle / Twin Turret

Since our founding in 1948, we have been implementing the “customer
first principle” under the motto “providing machines that earn money .” We have been working to save space by integrating mechanical and
electrical elements, to save labor with automated peripheral devices developed in house, and to provide high quality products with emphasis on making them in Japan . As a result, we have been able to deliver a total of
80,000 units in Japan and overseas . The machine tools we manufacture are called “mother machines”, taking a mother’s body as an analogy, since they are the foundation of all industries . With an awareness and pride in
our hearts that “excellent products are born in excellent production facilities”, we will continue to hone our skills every day and aim to improve customer satisfaction.

X Series: 1 Spindle / 1 Turret
XW Series: 2 Spindles / 2 Slides
•Simultaneous machining of both or the same side of the parts for total complete process machining
XD Series: 2 Spindles/ 1 Slide
• One Spindle Performs loading while the other is machining. Production rates are doubled within same space!
XY Series: 2 Spindles / 2 Turrets (Multi Turning)
GSL Series: 1 Spindle / 1 Turret
• A Simple machine best in its class among manual operated machines, focusing the cost performance
Gang Type Series: 1 Spindle / 1 Slide
•Gang Type Precision lathe that has honed the essentials