Vision Wide Tech Co. Ltd. a professional CNC (computer numerically controlled) machine tool manufacturer owning brand “VISION WIDE”, provides wide range products from heavy cutting to high speed, from 3-axis spindle to 5-axis spindle, and from metal cutting to composite material machining centers which have been applied in vehicles manufacture, power generating, aerial components and so on. Widely applied in curve-based polyhedral machining.

Double Column Machining Center

5 Face Double Column Machining Center

5-Axis Double Column Machining Center

Gantry Type Machining Center


Vision Wide’s core value is based on customer demand-oriented to realize social values. Through the manufacture of products, we continue thinking how to provide customers with more valuable products and services. So we define customer satisfaction, value contribution and social responsibility as our direction. In 2017, we released new trademark and brand “Vision Wide” which represents values of Solution, Satisfaction, and Smile, and our pursuits of deploying world widely with broaden perspective.

Innovation and Conduction
Build an organic learning organization that encourages self-learning of our employees to inspire creativity. Talent cultivation, Competency-oriented Talent Cultivation, Team Talent Cultivation by Group, Industry-academia, Collaboration promotion, Organizational Development, and Continue to promote proposal improvement. . .


Provide the clients with the most effective and economical equipment and services. Develop the organization into an organization where the employees could enjoy their own achievements.